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Fatema Sultana

Monitoring and Evaluation Officer

Fatema Sultana is a Development Professional, Research Enthusiast, MEL officer with a background in Development studies, actively paying to project management and community development. Currently employed as a Core Monitoring and Evaluation Officer at The Earth, she plays a crucial role in overseeing and assessing core activities related to organizational Development.

In 2023, Fatema worked for South Asian Regional Climate Summit, showcasing her responsibilities to addressing climate change on a regional scale. Her expertise and role at The Earth likely involve implementing and assessing programs aimed at sustainable development and environmental preservation. Before joining The Earth, at 2021 Fatema worked at Rupantar as a Monitoring and Evaluation Officer. During her time there, she focused on projects such as Coastal Women Development and Combatting Early Child Marriage. Her collaborative efforts with local government and community partners demonstrated her ability to engage various stakeholders in addressing social issues. Fatema is a graduate of Khulna University, having majored in development studies in 2020. Her educational background equipped her with the necessary knowledge and skills to contribute meaningfully to development projects. While at Rupantar, she not only served as a Monitoring and Evaluation Officer but also took on roles as a trainer and public speaker, showcasing her versatility and communication skills. Her experience extends to working as a data analyst in 2021 with Em-power, a technical NGO dedicated to supporting government initiatives. Her analytical skills and technical expertise were likely crucial in supporting data-driven decision-making processes. In 2017, As a socially responsible individual, Fatema engaged in volunteer activities, notably with the Active Citizen platform for youth career development. Additionally, from 2018 t0 2019 she played a pivotal role in regional development through her involvement with the Rotaract Club Voyrob, demonstrating a commitment to community service and positive change. Fatema’s background as an ex-debater of the Khulna University inter-debating club from 2016-2019 suggests her strong communication and advocacy skills. Her diverse experiences in monitoring and evaluation, data analysis, training, public speaking, and community engagement make her a well-rounded professional contributing meaningfully to environmental and social causes.

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