The Earth Society - Sinthia

Sinthia Tabassum

Assistant Programme Manager

Sinthia Tabassum, the Assistant Programme Manager at The Earth Society, is a dedicated professional who brings her passion for the environment and climate to her role. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science and Management from North South University, demonstrating her commitment to the field. Her career path has been driven by a strong desire to advocate for the vulnerable and protect the environment. Sinthia has a dedication of championing environmental causes and is determined to continue making a positive impact in this direction.

Currently, Sinthia serves as the focal person for The Earth Society’s ongoing project in collaboration with USAID – the BIYA project (Bangladesh Integrated Youth Activity). In her role, she places great emphasis on engaging and empowering youth through relevant training programs. She firmly believes that investing in the youth today will yield significant benefits for future generations. By bridging the gap between young people and environmental initiatives, she aspires to create a lasting, positive influence on the world as a whole.

In addition to her individual strengths, Sinthia is also recognized for her outstanding teamwork skills, which further enhance her ability to collaborate effectively with colleagues and partners in achieving shared environmental goals. Her commitment to teamwork ensures that her projects have a broad and lasting impact.

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