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In this Covid-19 pandemic The Earth Society provides food, hand sanitizers, masks etc. to different communities. In association with Jagoron Youth Forum and donation from IUT Alumni Association (#IUTAlumni), taking help from the “Haat Tali” cricket team, donation from the family members of Justice Golam Rabbani the Earth Society provides food, hand sanitizers and masks among different communities in the country. We have also taken initiative for the doctors and health caregivers who are considered as the frontline fighters in Covid-19 pandemic. We have initiated to arrange citywide transport service only for Doctors and health caregivers so that they worry less about the transport and concentrate more about their work and duty. This project of The Earth Society has been named as “Crack Platoon Transport Service” because doctors are fighting the new war and they are the crack platoon working day and night to free us from this darkness. Another project of The Earth Society during this pandemic situation is “Serving the Service Heroes”. We have provided healthy food to those who have been tirelessly serving from the front lines in the coronavirus crisis like- the caretakers in the ATM booth.

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