Online Peace Week

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Online Peace Week is a learning opportunity and as well as an opportunity to show creativity in different sectors by the peace ambassadors as well as the youths in our society. Throughout, this whole week’s activities the youths in our country will be able to find out different diversified phenomena in different ways. There will be a one-week arrangement of different activities like a Photo contest, an Online Peace conference, an Online Video Contest, a Creative poster/banner design, a Webinar, etc.


  • To bring together all the youths in the country in Peace Network as promoters of peace and intercultural dialogue in their communities and youth organizations.
  • To find out solutions from the intellectual people regarding the problems of the diversified community in our society.
  • To uphold the solutions regarding maintaining peace among the diversified people by the youth
  • To create an opportunity for the youths to come up with innovative ideas for maintaining peace in society.
  • To provide a platform for the youths to share their real-life story regarding peace and tolerance.


There will be a one-week arrangement of different activities, Like-

  • Photo contest: The participants will bring photos of the diversified groups on different issues. There will be an arrangement for the selection of the best photo among the participants.
  • Online Peace conference: The participants in the peace network will organize an ‘online peace conference’. At that conference, different issues or different points which they found in creating ‘peace network, will be upheld by them. Through this, different recommendations or resolutions on creating a peace network will also be highlighted.
  • Online Video Contest: There will be an open for all online contest for upbringing creative ideas into a video presentation that makes an impact on society highlighting marginal people and solutions to their problems. The best three video creators will be awarded certificates and further opportunities.
  • Creative Poster Design: A day-long competition will be arranged where the participants would show their creativity on a poster or banner design. Through their poster or banner, they will try to give a message or create awareness among the mass people about the diversified people in our society.
  • Webinar: An online webinar will be organized to receive an opinion on diversified people from the intellectual people, and get different ways of the solution to bring peace and harmony among all classes of people.