The Earth Society - Nashia

Nashia Nafis

Program Officer

Nashia is the Program Officer of The Earth, who has always been keen on social work since childhood. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science from Independent University, Bangladesh. She is passionate about innovative, impactful approaches to international development that will bring fruitful results to the economy and status quo. Deeply invested in community development, she is a part of Earth’s team because she shares its focused vision on quality, and feels passionately about providing quality approaches for sustainable development. Her goal is to be always enthusiastic about challenges and work with determination and integrity. Being an environmental science student, she is fascinated to work towards sustainable development with a diverse community because the Earth is what we all have in common.

She played a focal role in organizing an eco-friendly expo- “Climate Expo” where green entrepreneurs were provided with a platform to showcase their innovations to relevant stakeholders under one umbrella. She is also part of the project ‘Plastic Free Saint Martin. In her role, she plays a great significance in creating harmony between the ocean lives & locals by preserving the ecosystem of Saint Martin while also engaging the community in innovative employment.

She is determined to push, motivate, and provide a platform to the youth for sustainable initiatives that can create real impact. She loves to explore nature, and cultural diversity through traveling.

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