Local Volunteers Program

In Bangladesh, approximately 53 million of the total population is between the age of 18-35. This one third of the population has immense potential to build a better Bangladesh and be a part of it’s sustainable development.

However, this vast group of young groups are under utilized and their voices are unheard in many cases. According to the latest survey of the Bureau of Statistics, the overall unemployment rate in Bangladesh is 4.2 percent, but the youth unemployment rate is more alarming. According to the Department of Youth Development, about two crores and 80 lakh young people are still unemployed, according to the International Labor Organization (ILO), which is about 11.9 percent.

The Earth encourages the youth in volunteering works and provides them opportunity to become a volunteer in different projects of The Earth and enables them to participate in action planning, decision-making, policy formulation and implementation of sustainable development activities.


To create, connect and empower Bangladesh’s youth to become active citizens and learn to apply their knowledge and skill sets to tackle social and environmental issues in contributing to a greater cause and also gain new experience in the process.


To engage Bangladesh’s youth as vehicle for sustainable development.


To engage and empower local youth to purposeful development and provide them tools and right mindset to acquire the right knowledge and skill, so that they become an active citizen of the society and contribute towards the sustainable and inclusive development of Bangladesh.

Your possible Benefits/ the knowledge you may acquire

Civic skills



Solution orientation

Empowering others


Social awareness

Conflict management

Leadership skills

Communication skills