Clean Air & Renewable Energy

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Bangladesh has the worst air pollution in the world, while its capital Dhaka is the second most air-polluted city causing an estimated 13-22% of deaths in this region. Air pollution will cause around seven million premature deaths globally next year and have a major economic impact.

Youth for CARE is an impactful youth that aims to impose policies and regulations governing those sectors in order to improve air quality. The project will also help strengthen the institutional, policy, and regulatory framework for public transport, and help mainstream environmental considerations into general urban transport policy.

Youth are trained to run an advocacy campaign to make the government accountable for its `Net-zero’ commitment, ensuring that the government adopts a more aggressive Renewable Energy Policy.

Training Session for 200 Youth The National Youth Platform on “Clean Air and Renewable Energy for Bangladesh”

Objectives of the Training

Imparting knowledge and understanding

  • Causes and Consequences of Air Pollution in Bangladesh
  • The possible ways to reduce Air Pollution in Bangladesh
  • Advantage of Renewable Energy over fossil fuel
  • Scope and prospects of Renewable Energy in Bangladesh
  • Clean Air and Renewable Energy Policy Review

Developing advocacy campaign skills

  • Defining Advocacy Campaign
  • Components of an Advocacy Campaign Plan
  • Developing an Effective Advocacy Campaign Plan

Clean Air Act

Bangladesh Energy Prosperity

It provides an open space and opportunity for dialogue between stakeholders related to Bangladesh’s energy and power sector. To protect national security and economic sovereignty, to achieve the national goal of 40% renewable energy by 2041.

Clean Air and Renewable Energy Debate 2023

A national youth platform dedicated to promoting awareness of environmental issues and advocating for clean air and renewable energy sources.