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Be a part of Climate Camp on the world Environment Day, 05th June, 2022 and take actions on Investing in Our Own Planet and join the #generationrestoration movement.

Climate Camp Bangladesh is an initiated by The Earth Society, who is appealing and encouraging youth to take actions for the environment. We are following the launch of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration 2021 – 2030 and the focus for 2022- Only One Earth.

Climate Camp is calling for Individuals, activists, entrepreneurs, community leaders & Youth Led Organizations who are empathetic toward nature, being part of community initiatives, want to take any actions at their own level to create positive change for climate and want to be part of the #generationrestoration movement to transform our planet’s future.

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(Participants who can join Climate Camp independently)

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(If you have any business idea or start-up which has the potential to succeed)
If any individual or group of entrepreneurs who have an early-stage business idea and potential business models that include solutions to contribute to climate change.

(Anyone who can organize a virtual or in-person Climate Camp at their own community with a minimum of 5 participants)

Climate Camp 2022

Climate Camp is an initiative of The Earth Society – a non-profit organization of Bangladesh.This Year it will take place virtually and In-person. Climate Camp is just not a camp but a movement to prevent, halt & reverse the degradation of ecosystems of the earth by youth participation, action and collaboration for the planet.

Individuals and organizations can participate and host a climate camp on the topic of “Invest in Our Own Planet” and provide & submit action-based ideas that they are pursuing to address a local challenge according to the guideline.

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Our purpose is to build the community level network and platform of climate citizens in Bangladesh, bringing the community led initiatives, solutions, sharing best practices for better adaptation and mitigation and providing them opportunities for collaboration locally and globally.

Because we believe……

In this process every small step has a significant impact to achieve the goal of the decade of restoration and SDG 2030 and through the power of youth we can prevent, halt & reverse the degradation of ecosystems.

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Our Inspiration

As the age-old adage: “Prevention is better than cure.” suggests, more preventive measures will lead to fewer environmental predicaments for future generations. Through positive & effective ideas, attitudes and actions #generationrestoration will lead the drive to #prevent environmental hazards from tarnishing the natural equilibrium.

Formulation & execution of elaborate plans to preserve environmental health & meet environmental challenges of the 21st century will be pivotal in order to protect natural integrity and #halt environmental disintegration. #generationrestoration aspires to be a catalyst and inspire stakeholders in this battle to #halt all advances of climate deterioration.

The fate of mother Earth and its inhabitants depends on mankind’s capabilities to fight & #reverse the effects of climate change and global warming. Following active efforts to #prevent and #halt environmental degradation, reversal of ecosystem misfortunes can turn the tide in this battle to revert to the environmental status quo.

Climate Camp has been designed to take place as inclusion of all of the three concepts altogether. Through small cohorts of young changemakers responsible to take charge of this drive, now is the time for action as We are the first generation to know we are destroying our planet and the last generation that can #prevent, #halt and #reverse the irreparable damage to our planet. we are #GenerationRestoration.

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Join Us

Organize a Climate Camp Event

A climate camp organizer volunteers to run a climate camp event in their local community under the guidance and framework of The Earth Society.

Steps to becoming the local climate camp organizer:

Invite minimum 5 participants and organize your Climate Camp workshop at your own community with the materials and guidelines that The Earth has prepared for you.

Identify the environment challenge of your own community.

Innovate actions or small steps to address those challenges at your own capacity.

Identify inspiring stories and community led action to tackle climate change and can become the best practice for adaptation and mitigation locally and globally.

Steps to becoming the local climatepreneur:

Introduce your innovative ideas, business models that has potential to positive impact on our mother nature and be part of Climatepreneurship.

Submit & share:

Submit & share the results with us through the submission form to get feedback, support and to become one of the winning camps to receive extended support from The Earth & our community.

Who can be the Climate Camp Organizers:

Individual, activists, entrepreneurs, community leaders & youth-led organizations who are empathetic to create positive impact for nature, want to take or taking any actions at their own community level and want to be part of the #generationrestoration movement to transform our planet’s future, please do join us as Climate Camp Organizer.

Winning Prize:

  • 3 winners will be selected, and an award of BDT 1,50,000/= will be distributed among them.
  • To apply as a climate camp host, Climatepreneur, click on the link provided below and REGISTER NOW!
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What’s in there for you:

Climate Camp Alumni

You Share, Inspire & Connect

Become an Active Climate Citizen

Climate talk with parliamentarians.

Showcasing stories in the climate camp book.

Mentoring and coaching facilities for climatepreneurs.

Possible opportunity to collaborate with The Earth and it’s network.

Find projects, initiatives, organizations to contribute and vice-versa.

3 winners will be selected, and an award of BDT 1,50,000/= will be distributed among them.

Possible opportunity to connect community initiative & Ideas to take it to national level & implementation facilitation.

An exclusive invitation to Climate-Expo to host Climate Entreprenuers in Parliament members club area ( Tentative) to showcase initiatives that can prevent, halt and reverse the degradation of ecosystems of the earth.