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Corona (Covid-19) Crisis

On this landing page you will find all the relevant information about our current activities related to the corona crisis, world news, volunteer activities and blogs posts.

Bangladesh is a country of 170 million people with a huge number of lower income population. Not only that, many of their livelihood depends on their daily to daily basis labor work. So, Bangladesh is highly vulnerable to adopt the current Coronavirus crisis both economically and socially. Due to the restriction and lock down, the lower income population will suffer the most because of the lack of food and lack of hygiene.

In this very moment, we, The Earth Team, are taking voluntary action to serve underprivileged and vulnerable communities through our small initiatives.

If you want to help us as an organisation feel free to contact at +880 1722 004742 (Mamun), +880 1714 002345 (Rumman).

Our Activities

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Crack Platoon Transport Service​

The whole country is in lockdown to stop the spread of COVID-19. But the lockdown is not for the doctors and caregivers. They are fighting a war for all of us, yet they are suffering in the lockdown period as there is no means of public transport available. Some can use their private means, some are provided with official support. But we are observing that not everyone is getting proper transportation. The Earth team is initiating to arrange citywide transport service only for Doctors and caregivers so that they worry less about the transport and concentrate more about their work and duty. The transport service will be maintained by keeping proper distance and disinfecting periodically. We are already engaging proper authorities including DGHS and different private sector organizations and we are accumulating all the support we can get. We are calling it the “Crack Platoon Transport Service”. Because you, doctors are fighting the new war, you are the crack platoon working day and night to free us from this darkness.

We need you to complete the survey to plan our operation and proceed forward.

The initiative is taken by The Earth, collaborating with Bondstein Technologies. Patronized by DBL Pharma and partners are Dhaka Hub Global Shapers and Uber.

Route Plans

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1. Clean Hand Counts

We are distributing hand sanitizers to the vulnerable communities in & outside of Dhaka.

Puchase Raw Materials

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2. Food for the Hungry

We have opened a kitchen in Old Dhaka to distribute daily meals to the people with need. Our volunteer group will reach out with the food.

3. One week Meal

We are preparing a weekly package of dry food (including rice, daal, potato, salt & oil) for the people who need to be able to survive for a week even if there is an emergency lockdown.

How Can You Contribute

You can help our initiatives by joining as a volunteer or through Donation.


We have created a volunteer cluster to reach out to the right people to the right area. Please choose one of the segments that you think you can contribute and fill out that form.

  • Medical volunteer
  • Volunteer for hotline center
  • Field Volunteer
  • Cooking Volunteer
  • Volunteer for fundraising

If you want to help us as an organisation feel free to contact at +880 1722 004742 (Mamun), +880 1714 002345 (Rumman).


Details will be available soon.

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