A campaigning of making opportunities for reading book and Collection

Project Name: Ekti Boi Ekti BhubonA campaigning of Book reading and CollectionProject Period: 1st January, 2013Project Location: All over Bangladesh



“Ekti Boi Ekti Bhubon” is a campaigning of making opportunities for reading books. Here, people can also provide their books (Old or New) to this campaigning. This campaigning is already started in several schools in Dhaka. Students have been getting books for 15 days, and after the duration they will have to return back the books to the authorized person with a written review by their own of book by their own. Gradually, this campaigning and activation will run all over the Bangladesh.


This campaign is directing under the direct supervision of Bangla Academy. Bangla academy provided a room in their premises to collect and keep all the collected books. Bangle academy will also provide all the necessary supports to this campaign.

Expected Outcomes:


 Encourage the students to read books

– Creating the habit of reading books

– Increasing the availability of books to the mass people

– Ensure the proper utility of unused or unread books

– Influence the new generation to reading books and being a self educated nation

– Ensure the rolling and proper utility of books to all the people who love to read books.




– Started the project in several schools in Dhaka.

– Bangle Academy ensured their involvement as the supervisor of this project

– Started the collection of books

– A website is under construction to ensure the whole procedure through the digital formation

– A strong and complete database of book collection and distribution.