COVID19: Youth Impact Survey

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Bangladesh has 53 million youth, which is one-third of the total population. The people from all walks of life in Bangladesh have been affected by the global pandemic Covid-19. The biggest impact has been on the youth, which is noticeable. Among these, education, health, employment, trade and commerce, and various small enterprises are the sectors most affected. Realizing the importance of these effects, The Earth Society, Center for Research and Information (CRI), and Young Bangla have jointly initiated an online survey – “Covid-19: Youth Impact Survey”. Throughout this online survey, different opinions will be accepted on what are the impacts of youth during and after the Covid-19 pandemic. The participants in the survey will be asked for their opinions on general questions, education, health, employment, socio-economic issues as well as their views on national policies. All the information found from the survey will be compiled to publish a report through which the impacts of youth during the Covid-19 pandemic will be known and hopefully will help find a way to overcome this situation.

This survey aims to assess the impact on youth due to Covid-19-induced disruptions. It has majorly three sections:

  1. general section which includes your essentials
  2. relevant section for responses on specific areas of employment, education, and socio-economic issues
  3. perception of national policies.