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Sirajam Munira

Climate Camp Host 2022

From Dhaka

Sirajam Munira



Sirajam Munira, BSC in Civil Engineering final year student, hopes to see a Bangladesh with zero poverty, unemployment, and a thriving nation full of skilled and resourceful people and is working towards achieving that dream.
In 2021, Munira launched her project program, URGREEN, an Urban Rooftop Gardening project with that vision. URGEEN will ensure local fresh products, with a perfect supply chain, meet the demand of food nutrition and ensure employability for 1000+ marginalized people with the help of 4IR. URGREEN will cover the 10,000 ha space of Dhaka city by implementing rooftop farming and Dhaka city can taste fresh vegetables as well as meet over 10 percent of the demand if it succeeds to be real by 2023.

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