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DO Day is an international day of DOing. It brings together purposeful DOers from around the world conceptualized by The DO School, Germany. DO Day promotes all the Doers around the globe to come together and act on this day to make a tangible difference towards global challenges on 18th of October. Over 80 DO Day organizers around the globe are bringing together participants to co-create solutions to elevate women.

The Earth was the proud organizer of The DO Day 2019. 18th of October, 2019, The Earth celebrated the power of the global community in action! This year’s theme was ‘ She Wins We Win’ and DOers worldwide are responding to the topic of Elevating Women. Through Do Day workshop, The Earth provided the platform to bring ideas, make a prototype and pitch opportunities to co-create solutions to get more underutilized women workforce into mainstream economy and entrepreneurship.

Around 50 youth joined the workshop and brought interesting ideas to elevate women and some of the ideas were presented in The DO School, Berlin as a knowledge exchange