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​Growing Together is a campaign to create awareness on how the people experience refugee crisis.

This is the campaign to call for international attention to the refugee crisis and show empathy towards to both refugee and host community. Out of many activities, we have started the work in Bangladesh, but the campaign will not stop here. We hope that our campaign can set an example of how countries around the world can tackle some of the many challenges that emerge in refugee crises. We hope to create a global movement that will give ethnic and religious minorities and refugees all around the world a chance to raise their voice.

In Bangladesh 1.2 Million Rohingya have found temporary shelter and help with fundamental needs. But great consequences for Bangladesh and its citizens have been a part of hosting such a huge number of refugees. Through “Growing Together’ Campaign”, youth from the host community are collecting the stories of Rohingya and spreading those stories to many art form such as photo exhibition, mime art, song, etc. The aim of this project is to build capacity of the partner organizations to contribute at handling refugee crisis by fostering the peaceful coexistence among refugees and the local community.

Behind Growing Together

Growing Together campaign is a part of Capacity building in the field of youth. 5 organizations from Bangladesh, Denmark and Romania have come together to execute this program supported by Erasmus+. The project started in November 2019.


Story Collecting

Stories have been collected and showcasing in different forms. There was an exhibition which was showing paintings from Rohingya kids, Mime show on real life stories.

The Glocal Hero

The positive influencer who will be mediocre between local youth and rohingya youth, who has the ability to encourage mutual respect and understanding.

A mobile youth house

A mobile youth house, where people can come, give their minds a break from worries and get engage with some creative and fun activities.

The tools will be provided to the youth volunteers on create strong communities, mutual understanding and social inclusion, as well as foster peaceful coexistence among refugees and local communities.


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