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Growing Together is a 2 years’ program focusing on the Rohingya refugee crisis in Coxs Bazar, Bangladesh and 5 organizations from Bangladesh, Denmark and Romania have come together to execute this program supported by Erasmus+.

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The purpose of this project is to create awareness on how the people experience the refugee crisis. This is the program to call for international attention to the refugee crisis and show empathy towards both refugee and host communities by fostering peaceful coexistence among refugees and the local community.

In order to meet with the established aim, this 2 years’ project has the following objectives that had been identified:

  • To collect 33 practices nationally and internationally upon how different organizations work toward the sustainable integration of refugees into their local communities
  • To create a collection of at least 15 best practices upon handling refugee crisis
  • To give 79 youth workers from Romania, Denmark and Bangladesh practical experience examples of best practices to strengthen the mutual understanding and acceptances between refugees and local population.

As a local partner The Earth is playing a significant role to implement different activities (seminar, research, youth exchange, campaign, study visit, training course) to collect best practices nationally and internationally and creating a comprehensive booklet, which will be used by youth organizations


  • Knowledge sharing on dealing with the refugee crisis between Denmark, Romania and Bangladesh, the countries that have either already dealt with the crisis before or who are currently dealing with it.
  • Youth exchange between 33 participants from each country from Denmark and Bangladesh and experience exchange. As an outcome of the youth exchange, 3 ideas came to implement by the end of the project which are following:
  • Story Collection
  • Glocal Hero
  • A mobile youth House
  • Refugee camp visit and focus group discussion.
  • Stories exhibition: Inspired by the power of art, The Earth Society arranged a Story Showcasing event in Dhaka at EMK (Edward M. Kennedy Center) Centre. The purpose of the event was to build and spread awareness on the Rohingya livelihood through different forms of arts among the urban communities living far from them.
  • A video Production has been produced on the Rohingya Refugee crisis for global awareness.
  • A best practice booklet has been produced with at least 15 best practices from Bangladesh, Denmark and Romania upon handling the refugee crisis.


Creating a global online platform to connect stories from all around the world and which is also translated into different languages, provide refugees to share, connect and learn from each other’s best practices and create a more resilient and inclusive society for refugees. Mobilization of host community youth to resolve conflicts and promote peace and solidarity. Continue all the activities such as story collection, glocal hero and a mobile youth house even after the project ends.

International Organizations

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