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The Climate Parliament Bangladesh is a group of parliamentarians who will play a critical and significant role. Climate Parliament MPs are at the forefront of a parliamentary campaign to fast track the creation of the Sustainable and Renewable Energy Development Agency (SREDA). Climate Parliament Bangladesh MPs want to establish a network of legislators from local to national level and present this core group at international platforms to show their dedication to fight back on Climate change issues. Now, The Earth Society working as a Secretariat of Climate Parliament Bangladesh.

Climate Parliament Bangladesh prioritize four main things through their works.

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Youth-led Activities

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Policy Advocacy

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Research & Publications

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Climate Parliament Alliances & Partners

Aim: Climate Parliament Bangladesh aim is to work on renewable energy, environment, water management to establish a network of legislators from across the globe to address climate change issues. With the help of climate enthusiast people, we can recycle our waste and we can create clean air for everyone where carbon emission is discouraged by the political body. Political willpower will encourage the use of biodegradable products and renewable energy that’s what we believe.